Guide to Cleansing and Charging Crystals with the Full Moon

This month brings the final full moon of spring, a perfect time to cleanse and recharge your crystals in preparation for the new season and new beginnings. June's full moon happens to be a Strawberry Super Moon, which means it will be closer to the earth than usual, allowing your crystals to get ample moonlight for recharging.

Full moon with stars

How often is a full moon?

If you'd like to get on a regular schedule with keeping your crystals charged and happy, you might wonder how often is a full moon? A full moon happens roughly every 29.5 days. This is the amount of time it takes for the moon to go through one whole lunar phase cycle.

Energetically, the full moon has been said to help release what is no longer serving — allowing all to come back into a neutral state of balance. Some say the full moon is the time of the month where energy peaks and then releases, like a big cosmic sigh.

This is a great time to not only clean your crystals, but to also help yourself "clean out" energetically. We can recharge our crystals under the light and energy of the full moon, while also allowing ourselves to energetically let go of whatever is no longer serving us. Try lighting a sage stick, using our drop the day meditation, or completing any other rituals that help you let go and clear space.

Why should you cleanse crystals?

When you purchase a crystal, it has absorbed the energy and vibrations of everyone who has handled it and the places it has been. Crystals are known as "energy sponges." They absorb the energy around them-both, both positive and negative. The cleansing process is vital to ensure your stones are tailored to you and your intentions. Getting on a regular schedule to clean your crystals will keep them ready, and better able to serve and support you when you need it most.

In general, you should cleanse your crystals once a month. However, if you find yourself surrounded by particularly negative energy, use your crystals for healing practices — we recommend cleansing as needed to keep the environment and vibes around you positive.

Crystals on charging plate with silk background

How do you cleanse crystals?

  • Running Water: A great way to clean crystals is by placing them in running water to help neutralize the energy. Placing them in a stream or the rain is recommended, but using your faucet at home and leaving your crystal in running water for about a minute is also efficient.
  • Salt Water: Salt has been used to absorb harmful and unwanted energy throughout history and continues to be an effective and thorough way of cleansing energy from crystals. If you cannot collect salt water from the ocean, make your own at home by adding about a teaspoon of sea salt and a container of water. Let the crystals soak overnight, and welcome your clean crystals in the morning.
  • Smudging: This ceremonial act of burning white sage is said to clear objects and the space around you of negative energy. The same is true of crystals. Be sure to do this outdoors or near an open window to release the energy from your space, while supporting your crystals in the cleaning process.

Charging Crystals in the Full Moon:

  1. After cleansing your crystals, place them outside, preferably on the earth and in the moon's light. Any natural surface will do if you cannot put them on the ground. Make sure the crystals are spread out, not in a pile.
  2. To charge your crystals in the full moon, leave them in the moonlight overnight to allow them to envelop the light of the moon entirely. (Unable to leave them outside? Place them in a window that faces the full moon.)

Bring your crystals inside in the morning and set your intentions. To do this, clear your mind of negative thoughts and energy and meditate while focusing on your intentions. If you are unsure how to meditate or what intentions to focus on, our Meditation Guide will help you on your journey.

Embracing the rhythms of nature allows us to connect with the natural cycles of release and manifestation. Utilizing the energy of the full moon to clean your crystals, reset your space, and recharge your crystals (and your self!) is a great monthly practice to maintain energetic hygiene and alignment with the cosmic energy that is always supporting and surrounding you.