Guide to Cleansing and Charging Crystals with the Full Moon

The full moon is the perfect time to cleanse and recharge your crystals in preparation for a new season and new beginnings. Read this guide to learn about full moons and how to integrate them into your self-care practice.

What is a Full Moon?

Full moons happen once a month when the sun's rays fully illuminate the surface of the moon. The moon itself doesn't have any light, so it looks its brightest and fullest when the maximum amount of solar rays are bouncing off of its surface.

In astrology, the full moon - like the beautiful June Strawberry Moon below - is a time when the energy has reached its apex and, with things fully illuminated they are ready to be seen and, if necessary, can be released. This guide will help you learn best practices to cleanse your crystals and reset your space as you develop rituals to restore and release with the full moon.

Strawberry full moon

Some say the full moon is the time of the month where energy peaks and then releases, like a big cosmic sigh.

How often does a full moon occur?

If you'd like to get on a regular schedule with keeping your crystals charged and happy, you might wonder how often is a full moon? A full moon happens roughly every 29.5 days. This is the amount of time it takes for the moon to go through one whole lunar phase cycle.

Energetically, the full moon has been said to help release what is no longer serving — allowing all to come back into a neutral state of balance. Some say the full moon is the time of the month where energy peaks and then releases, like a big cosmic sigh.

This is a great time to not only clean your crystals, but to also help yourself "clean out" energetically. With the release of the full moon, we can create rituals to help us let go of whatever is no longer serving us, creating space to manifest and attract something new.

cleansing rituals crystal charging moonlight

Why should you cleanse crystals?

When you purchase a crystal, it has absorbed the energy and vibrations of everyone who has handled it and the places it has been. Crystals are known as "energy sponges." They absorb the energy around them, both positive and negative. The cleansing process is vital to ensure your stones are tailored to you and your intentions. Getting on a regular schedule to clean your crystals with the full moon will keep them ready, and better able to serve and support you when you need it most.

In general, you should cleanse your crystals once a month. However, if you find yourself surrounded by particularly negative energy and you use your crystals for healing practices throughout the month, then we would recommend cleansing as needed to keep the environment and vibes around you positive.

How do you cleanse crystals?

We recommend that the first step to your full moon ritual is to cleanse your crystals. There are a few methods to do this - we recommend combining all three methods to ensure they're as clean as possible and able to absorb the most possible energy from the full moon.

  • Running Water: A great way to clean crystals is by placing them in running water to help neutralize the energy. Placing them in a stream or the rain is recommended, but using your faucet at home and leaving your crystal in running water for about a minute is also efficient.
  • Salt Water: Salt has been used to absorb harmful and unwanted energy throughout history and continues to be an effective and thorough way of cleansing energy from crystals. If you cannot collect salt water from the ocean, make your own at home by adding about a teaspoon of sea salt and a container of water. Let the crystals soak overnight, and welcome your clean crystals in the morning.
  • Smudging: This ceremonial act of burning white sage is said to clear objects and the space around you of negative energy. The same is true of crystals. Be sure to do this outdoors or near an open window to release the energy from your space, while supporting your crystals in the cleaning process.
Crystals on charging plate with silk background

Charging Crystals in the Full Moon

The full moon is known as the best phase of the moon to charge crystals because of the intensity of the solar rays bouncing off of the moon's surface.

Take advantage of this high energy time by charging your newly cleansed crystals in the powerful full moon light. You can do this inside under a window (make sure they are enveloped by light and not blocked by anything) or outside, on the earth and in the moon's light. Any natural surface will do if you cannot put them on the ground.

It is ideal to let your crystals charge the whole night if possible. To enhance the effects of the charging, try placing crystals on a charging plate designed to maximize the absorption of the rays and make sure the crystals are spread out, not in a pile.

Looking for the perfect crystal to charge in the full moon? Check out our guide to the best crystals to charge under the moonlight.

Rituals to Let Go On a Full Moon

The full moon is an ideal time to let go, so while your crystals are charging is a perfect time to practice rituals that support you in cleansing and releasing unwanted habits, vibrations, people or circumstances.

rituals to let go on a full moon

Pictured Here: Be You Affirmation Card DeckGemstone Ring

To let go energetically, we recommend trying some light meditation. Jihi has a free meditation library with short guided meditations that are relaxing and powerful for visualizing and letting go. As your crystals charge, try grounding yourself energetically and releasing the stress & habits that are no longer serving you using our Drop the Day or Fresh Start meditation.

After meditating and getting grounded, clear your space with a sage stick, paying special attention to the corners and ceilings of your home. Open windows and let the fresh air cleanse your environment and make space for the fresh energies and experiences you’ve begun manifesting.

Want more? Check out our Jihi Full Moon Release Ritual 🌕

Sleep and the Full Moon

All of the energy of the full moon (and the release that it triggers) can be very stimulating, making it hard to settle and rest. Once you’ve practiced your grounding and releasing rituals, we recommend practicing these rest rituals to prevent full moon-induced restlessness and cap off the perfect full moon evening.

Rituals for full moon moon milk and journal with crystals

Pink Moon Milk Recipe from the Jihi Kitchen

One of our favorite rituals is a Pink Moon Milk recipe, inspired by ancient Ayurvedic recipes to rest and restore. This adaptogenic blend helps the body stay resilient against stress, balance hormones, and promotes rest and relaxation.

After your energetically-cleansing meditation, it’s a perfect time to rest with Moon Milk and a moment of journaling. Write out your goals, visualize where you’d like to go next, or express your feelings through gentle artwork and sketching. Open and receive - what wisdom does the Universe have in store for you on this magical evening? ✨ #selfcenteredwellness

Sleep and the full moon crystal charging rituals

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Rituals for the Full Moon

Establishing rituals for the full moon is a great way to create consistency in your self-care practice. Working with the cycles of nature tends to create greater ease and spaciousness over time, as it connects us to both our humanity (our earth connection) and our magic. Our Jihi Full Moon Rituals will help you reset your space and manifest your dreams each full moon - bookmark this guide and return to it when it’s time to clear and reset each month, and notice how the universe brings magic to life through the lunar cycles.

The rhythms of nature help us to connect with the natural cycles of release and manifestation. Utilizing the energy of the full moon to clean and recharge your crystals while grounding and releasing for a new chapter ahead is a great way to maintain energetic hygiene and alignment with the cosmic energy that is always supporting and surrounding you.

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