Full Moon Manifest & Release Ritual

The Energy of the Full Moon

The full Moon’s energy encourages release. It’s a time to let go of what no longer serves us - old habits, negative thoughts, or unnecessary burdens. By releasing these, we make room for new growth, new possibilities.

This lunar phase teaches us about balance - the delicate dance of holding on and letting go, of celebrating achievements while making space for new beginnings.

Jihi Living's Full Moon Release Ritual 🌕

lunar bath salt ritual

Lunar Magic Bath Potion

1. Lunar Crystal Bath Salt Soak for Cleansing and Renewal

Begin your full Moon ritual with a cleansing bath using our Lunar Magic Potion - Ritual Crystal Bath Salts. These crystal-inspired, botanical infused salts are literal magic - they are handcrafted by a lovely woman founder, and are literally handmade in a little cottage workshop in England * cue fairy magic.*

The full Moon is our moment to meet the growth opportunity of the current lunar cycle, and look at it directly. It is a time to wash away the old energies and make room for new intentions. The act of washing has long been a symbol of cleansing and purification. As you soak in the warm, salt-infused water, visualize the moon's light purifying your body and spirit. Reflect on what you wish to release from the past lunar cycle – be it stress, negative thoughts, or unhelpful habits. The minerals in the bath salt, combined with the delicious scents and handcrafted magic, create the perfect setting for a fresh start. Emerge from the bath feeling renewed and ready to embrace the new cycle with a clear mind and heart.

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2. Guided Meditation and Journaling with Universe Has Your Back Cards

After your rejuvenating bath, try these inspiring Universe Has Your Back oracle cards by #spiritjunkie Gabby Bernstein for a guided meditation and journaling session. Shuffle the deck and draw a card, letting it guide your meditation focus. 

Surrender to the energy of the evening with this randomly selected card. Let yourself be guided into today’s insights into what the Universe wants you to know or focus on during this lunar phase. After meditating on the message, take some time to journal your thoughts, feelings, and any revelations. This ritual is a powerful way to connect with your inner wisdom and the universe's guidance, helping you to set intentions that are aligned with your highest good.

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oasis wild poet eco luxe coconut candle

3. Light a Candle for a Manifestation Ceremony

Finally, light a candle to signify the start of your manifestation ceremony. The gentle glow of the candle symbolizes the light of the full Moon, creating a sacred space for your intentions. As the candle burns, visualize your goals and dreams for the coming lunar cycle. 

You might want to write these down or simply hold them in your heart. The act of lighting the candle is a physical representation of igniting your desires and sending them into the universe. Allow the candle to burn for a while as you meditate on your intentions, letting its light be a beacon for your aspirations.

Now, it's time to decide what to let go of. As you sit in the vibrations of your intentions, what no longer fits? What habits, people or choices are holding you back from growth? Envision letting those things go, like letting a balloon go into the sky. Simply see them in your mind's eye, and release.

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purple protection sage sticks

4. Cleanse & Protect Your Space with Floral Sage Sticks

The final stage in your full Moon release ritual is to clear the air - literally - and seal your practice. A great way to do this is with our purple 'protection' sage smudge sticks. These gorgeous floral sage sticks are made from California white safe and decorated with eucalyptus, lavender and purple statice flowers. 

To experience the cleansing and aromatic benefits of our sage sticks, ignite one end and let it smolder. Allow the smoke to fill your space or float over your person, envisioning negativities dispersing and making way for fresh beginnings. Imagine that everything you have envisioned letting go of is out of your space, and seal your intentions for the completion of this lunar cycle.

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Full Moon

The Energy of the Full Moon

The full Moon represents the culmination of your manifesting efforts in the current lunar cycle. At this time, the light reflecting off of the moon is at its peak, and in this energy and vibrancy all is illuminated - for better or worse, it’s a time of clear, objective realization.

Many experience heightened emotions and sense more chaos around them during the full Moon. Because of this vibrant, transformative energy, the full Moon is a wonderful time to practice cleansing, healing rituals to support your continued growth.

Release with the Full Moon Energy

Under the full Moon's bright light, everything is visible, casting clarity on all we are in the process of manifesting this lunar cycle. It’s a special time for reflection and decision-making. We are encouraged to take stock of our lives, to assess and appreciate what we have. 

The full Moon is also a moment of choice - to decide what we want to carry forward and what we need to let go of in this lunar cycle. That which we want to harvest, nurture and hold onto will become the foundation for the next cycle. On the other hand, that which is no longer serving us can be released at this time. The full Moon doesn't just light up the sky; it illuminates our paths, helping us see the way forward.

The Full Moon in the Monthly Lunar Cycle

In the rhythm of the lunar cycle, each phase has its own energy and purpose. The new Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle. Like a seedling in the dark soil, the dark night sky is a time for setting the seeds of the lunar cycle - a time for for setting intentions and starting new projects.

moon cycles bar

As the Moon waxes, we build and grow, adding to our plans and dreams. The full Moon, however, stands as a pinnacle. It’s a culmination point where we reap what we have sown. It's a time for realization and celebration, where the fruits of our efforts during this lunar cycle become apparent. The full Moon brings illumination and clear, objective realization.

The Takeaway

The full Moon serves as a powerful ally in our journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. It's a celestial reminder to pause, reflect, and realign with our deepest intentions. Through the Lunar Crystal Bath Salt Soak, the Universe Has Your Back oracle cards, and the Moonlight Candle Manifestation Ceremony, we invite the moon's transformative energy into our lives, allowing it to guide us towards clarity, release, and manifestation. Remember, each full Moon is an opportunity to shed light on what we truly desire and need. Embrace this luminous time to let go of what no longer serves you and illuminate the path to your dreams. May these rituals from Jihi Living become beacons in your journey, helping you harness the full moon’s magic to its fullest potential.

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