The Best Crystals to Charge Under Moonlight

The moon's power and mystic beauty have been romanticized in art and folklore for centuries. Unbeknownst to many, the moon not only illuminates the night sky but also harbors profound healing powers. One realm where this power is greatly sought after is in charging crystals. As bearers of earth's energy, these colorful stones are believed to be rejuvenated under moonlight, amplifying their healing properties and helping to cleanse them of old, stale energy. 

While all crystals can be charged in the moonlight, this guide includes a list to some of our favorite crystals to cleanse under the moonlit sky.

 which crystals are the best to charge in the moon

Some of the best crystals to charge under the moonlight include:

1. Clear Quartz
Known as the 'Master Healer,' Clear Quartz absorbs, amplifies, and releases energy. Full moonlight can serve as a deep cleanser for this crystal, enhancing the healing energies it embodies.

2. Amethyst
Amethyst, a crystal renowned for its calming abilities, transforms negative energies to love energy under moonlight. Charging this crystal under the moon amplifies its spiritual growth properties and calming aura.

3. Moonstone
Nothing like charging a Moonstone under its namesake. The soothing energy of Moonstone, particularly linked with new beginnings and safe traveling, gets heightened under the moon's light.

4. Selenite
Moonlight charges another moon-named crystal, Selenite, and potentially boosts its energy balancing properties. This clear crystal is frequently associated with mental clarity and peace.

5. Labradorite
The iridescent Labradorite, known for inspiring change and fostering strength, can tap into its maximum capacities when charged under the moon--improving intuition and providing mental clarity.

6. Rose Quartz
Under the moon, Rose Quartz--the stone of universal love--intensifies its energies. It cultivates self-love, kindness, and emotional healing.

7. Black Tourmaline
Stepping away from the crowd but worth mentioning, Black Tourmaline may not bask under moonlight like other colorful gems but transforms under the moon. It transforms negative energy into positive energy and protects against harmful spiritual energies.


Ahead of Stargazing

Before you lay out your crystals to soak the moon's energy, remember to set clear intentions about what you seek from each crystal. Specify the love, clarity, and balance you desire. Do ensure crystals are safe to be placed outside. Also, remember that energy absorbed by the crystal is meant to be routinely released; cleanse them using sage or running water after charging.

As you embark on this gem-filled journey under the moonlit sky, remember that these crystals are mere tools. Their energy complements the strength that resides within you, helping you tap into the reservoir of strength, love, and healing that you already possess. Stay open, trust the process, and let your crystals guide your journey to self-discovery. The night is young.


When is the Best to Charge My Crystals?

Many people wonder how often crystals should be charged, or when is best to charge your crystals. The cleansing power of the moon refreshes our bodies and souls every evening, and there's no reason it can't recharge your crystals nightly, as well.

The most important rule of thumb is to charge your crystals whenever you need an energetic reset. Along with burning sage and an energy-clearing meditation, charging crystals is a great way to create energetic space for new vibrations and experiences.

The most powerful time to charge crystals, however, is on the monthly full moon - this is when the moon is most illuminated and vibrant with energy. 

New to cleansing your crystals? Check out our Guide to Cleansing and Charging Crystals with the Full Moon

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