The Flower-Powered Hostess: How to Host an Unforgettable Garden-Inspired Party

Want to make a splash for your next event? Why not bring floral charm to your next gathering by incorporating edible flowers?

Hosting a garden-inspired get-together, complete with flower-infused dishes and drinks, is a fresh, exciting way to delight your guests and create an insta-worthy, memorable experience for all the special people in your life.

hosting a garden-inspired dinner party

Petal-Powered Party Planning

Incorporating edible flowers into your event begins by considering your menu and deciding on which blossoms to include. By harmoniously combining aesthetics and flavor, you'll set the stage for a feast that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste buds. Looking for inspiration? Scroll down to see our magical edible flower creations from the Jihi kitchen!

Selecting Your Edible Flowers

When selecting flowers for your get-together, the fundamental rule is to ensure that they're safe to consume. Some popular edible flowers include:

  • Roses
  • Lavender
  • Pansies
  • Nasturtiums
  • Hibiscus
  • Violas

Always source your edible flowers from reputable suppliers or grow them yourself using organic methods, free of pesticides and chemicals. 

edible roses recipes

Did you know there are over 150 types of roses, and they're all edible?

Where Can I Buy Edible Flowers?

Edible flowers, both fresh and dried, can be purchased from several online retailers (like Amazon) and local stores. Remember, it's essential to ensure the flowers you buy are specifically labeled as "edible" and are free from pesticides and chemicals. Whole Foods Market has a wide variety of organic edible flowers for sale that are safe for consumption, as well as local farmer’s markets. 

Flavor Matching with Edible Flowers

Edible flowers have a diverse range of flavors, from fruity and sweet to herbaceous and spicy. Each flower variety will complement different dishes and drinks, so consider their flavors and textures to create harmonious pairings. For instance, roses pair well with desserts, while nasturtiums - with their peppery notes - are perfect for savory dishes.

A Boost of Wellness

In addition to their taste and ecological benefits, edible flowers come with a plethora of health benefits too. From rich antioxidants to vital vitamins and minerals, they're nutritious powerhouses that provide substantial health benefits, adding another layer of goodness to this delicious garden spread.

garden inspired dinner party with edible flowers

Setting the Scene: Garden Party Ambience

In addition to infusing your dishes and drinks with edible flowers, create a lush, garden-inspired atmosphere with flower-focused décor.

Table Settings: Lay out your table using floral-patterned linens or napkins, and go for plates and serving dishes in botanical designs.

Centerpiece: A show-stopping floral centerpiece pulls the whole theme together. Combine fresh blooms and greenery in a bountiful, organic arrangement, or floats candles and flower heads in a large, shallow bowl filled with water.

Lighting: As night falls, outdoor string lights or lanterns can create an enchanting, intimate atmosphere, reminiscent of an evening stroll through a garden.

Bringing together the stunning beauty of blossoms and the sensory delights found in the culinary world, a garden-inspired get-together with edible flowers is guaranteed to leave your guests enchanted. With thoughtfully crafted dishes and a blooming atmosphere, a foray into the realm of nature's vivid palate becomes a truly memorable experience that pairs bounty with beauty.

Edible Flower & Garden-Inspired Recipes from the Jihi Kitchen

The Jihi kitchen is dedicated to making beautiful drinks and dishes to help you live your most vibrant life. Inspired by anti-inflammatory diet principles that support happy hormones and blood sugar levels, we love to indulge in balanced treats and meals that make us feel - and look - amazing.

These are a few of our favorite edible flower recipes from the Jihi kitchen

edible flower goat cheese recipe

Easy Floral Herb Goat Cheese Spread

Your guests will die for this easy to prepare, delicious goat cheese appetizer. This simple to prepare, fuss-free dish pleases all palettes, and pairs excellently with a variety of items. Whether spread on crunchy baguette slices, crackers, or served alongside a robust charcuterie, this herby floral goat cheese appetizer is versatile and friendly to other flavors, making it a delightful addition to any menu.

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Sparkling peach and thyme mocktail recipe

Sparkling Peach & Thyme Mocktail

This delicious peach and thyme mocktail recipe is the perfect unexpected treat to astonish your guests. Who doesn't love succulent peach juice and the soft aroma of fresh thyme? 

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edible flower garden salad

Garden Salad with Edible Flowers

This gorgeous, vibrant, garden-inspired salad is the perfect side dish to any lunch or evening meal. With whimsical petals and a delicious honey dijon dressing, this mediterranean-inspired salad cleanses palettes and satiates even the toughest of critics. 

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rosemary elderflower spritz mocktail garden party

Rosemary Elderflower Spritz Mocktail

This delicious garden-inspired mocktail is lunch or dinner friendly, and won't leave you with a hangover. Feel free to spike or infuse for a festive occasion. With fresh herbs and sparkling citrus, this delicious mocktail (or cocktail) is a palette-cleanser that keeps the celebration going. 

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gluten free petal pressed sugar cookie recipe

Petal-Pressed Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies are so moist and delicious you won't believe they're gluten free. There's a certain indefinable magic that comes with biting into one of our petal-pressed sugar cookies – it's a blend of classic comfort, artistic appeal, and a touch of whimsy which makes them nothing short of irresistible. 

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grapefruit paloma mocktail recipe

Grapefruit Paloma Mocktail 

This Grapefruit Paloma Mocktail is the perfect non-alcoholic adaptation of the classic Mexican cocktail. Flavorful and exciting, you can spike this delicious recipe with your tequila of choice, or leave it virgin and enjoy all day long. 

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Flower-topped carrot bundt cake recipe

Edible Flower Carrot Bundt Cake

For the piece de resistance, no garden party would be complete without our truly unbelievable, decadent, you-won't-believe-it's-gluten-free-and-vegan, edible-flower topped carrot cake. This edible flower cake recipe is a showstopper. It's unbelievably moist and delicious - and its made with such fabulous, whole ingredients you (and your guests) will feel fabulous after indulging.

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garden inspired dinner party decor

Get Ready to Party!

Throwing a garden-inspired dinner party presents an excellent opportunity to unleash your creativity and elevate the dining experience for your guests. By incorporating edible flowers in your recipes, embracing nature-infused decor, and offering refreshing mocktails, you can create a truly enchanting atmosphere that reflects both the elegance and charm of a flourishing garden.

Remember, the key to a successful garden-inspired dinner party lies in the harmonious blend of visual allure with tantalizing flavors. Armed with these tips, you're now prepared to host a memorable, vibrant, and distinctly unique celebration that will captivate and delight your guests. Happy hosting, and bon appétit!