Dive Deep: Meditation Question Cards

These shimmering Meditation Question Cards are not only stunning, they're a powerful tool for your self-healing journey. With 40 unique, thought provoking questions, these high quality cards are a timeless addition to your wellness rituals.
Meditation Rituals Journal Prompts
  • In meditation practice: Draw a random card from the deck and focus on the question presented. Meditate on this.
  • Morning routine: Draw one card in the morning and make this question your focus for the day.
  • Conversation cards: Draw these cards with your friends or family as meaningful conversation starters.
  • Journal prompts: Draw a card and record your answer in a journal.
  • Wall decorations: The cards can be used as both decoration and mindfulness reminders.

Beautiful Illustrations: Each card in the deck is decorated with beautiful line art that reminds us of our untamed, celestial and divine nature.

Unique Questions & Journal Prompts: The deck holds 40 unique questions, providing a varied and comprehensive approach to self-awareness. The questions are designed to prompt reflective thinking, helping you dive deeper within and unearth fresh insights.

Promote Alignment and Stress Relief: Regular use of these question cards can help you to consistently realign with your truest self and your most authentic goals. The introspective process can also serve as a stress relief practice, easing anxiety and facilitating relaxation.

How to Use: Draw a card daily or as needed, ponder on the prompt, and answer it honestly and thoughtfully. Let these questions guide you towards greater self-understanding.

The Illustrated Question Card Deck is more than a set of cards—it's a journey into the self, a guide to help you navigate your inner world, and an effective stress-relieving tool. Embrace this journey of self-awareness and realignment with yourself to tune deeper into your purpose, path and unique journey of self-discovery.

  • Thick, durable paper with matte lamination
  • 40 cards
  • Double side print (Front: Illustration + Back: Question)
  • 1 box with magnetic closure
  • Card size: 4 x 4 in

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