Compassion with Yourself

Your self-love is medicine for the earth. - Yung Pueblo

The word Jihi means compassion. “Ji” means to spread joy, and “hi” means to ease suffering.

As major proponents of Self-Centered Wellness, we believe that spreading joy and easing suffering starts within and begins with compassion towards ourselves. Stored in our heart chakra, where we develop relationships and spread love to others, are pictures of ourselves. We know that the truth is that how we treat others is usually a reflection of how we’re treating ourselves.

So, if you want to save the world, how are you treating yourself? Spoiling yourself? Listening to yourself? Honoring yourself?

We started Jihi because we are passionate about CBD and natural ingredients to support the body in finding peace, comfort and alignment. We also believe that Self-Centered Wellness and the high vibe rituals that go with it - like meditation, exercise, yoga, self-care and rest - are big pieces of the puzzle and the beginning of unlocking our most vital, authentic selves.  A puzzle that starts with mindful, compassionate living but leads to “that glow” - a mind, body and soul shift that leaves us radiating at a higher frequency.

This investment in ourselves, compassion with ourselves (not trying to “fix” ourselves), and giving ourselves the time and tools to care for and love ourselves, heal ourselves, and soothe our hearts, is how we spoil the body and begin to ease the mind.

Because let’s face it, what the world needs now, is love, sweet love.