Welcome to Self-Centered Wellness

Let's face it, we aren't raised being told to be self-centered. We don't want to be self-centered. And you know what, most of us are really good at not being self-centered.

Instead, we look outside of ourselves for feedback. All. The. Time.

We take care of our people and our responsibilities. Juggling their needs. All. The. Time.

We search and we push and we analyze. Our appearance, our accomplishments, our choices - we see it all from the outside looking in. Trying to see ourselves through the eyes of our families, our friends, our colleagues and our Instagram account. Once it all looks just right, we'll feel better. We just know we will.

The message is especially tough on women. Yes, we hold ourselves to impossible standards (we know that), but even more challenging is that we hold ourselves to contradicting standards. We're expected to take care of everyone around us, and inside, just focus on being smaller. Focus on being less. Make an impact, but don't be too loud about it. Be younger. Feel younger. Look younger. But be smarter. Accomplish your dreams, but don't miss out on parenthood. Relax.

We grow up living in a world that teaches us we can solve a lot of problems by controlling our bodies - looking perfect, feeling perfect, perfect performance. We are so focused on fixing our bodies that many of us have never even learned how to hear our bodies. We are always looking outside of ourselves for answers, when really what we are hungry for is permission to be ourselves, to love ourselves, and to listen to ourselves.

Self-Centered Wellness is about reorienting inward - clearing the noise, saying no, taking the time and investing in ourselves. Self-Centered Wellness is about hearing the music of our soul on the road to healing, and trusting that our pleasure has purpose. 

Self-Centered Wellness is brave because it asks us to say no. No to covering ourselves up. No to making ourselves small for the sake of small. No to putting performance over pleasure or presence. Self-Centered Wellness is about quietly falling in love with ourselves. 

Self-Centered Wellness is magic because it heals our aches and pains (and break outs too). It helps us discover the radiant joy lying dormant in our bones. It unleashes dance parties and says yes to manifesting your dreams. Self-Centered Wellness is a high vibe, brave quest for the untamed soul inside of you. 

Self-Centered Wellness is brave. It is possible. It is the journey inward, the journey home. 

When you invest in your body and wellness, you give yourself the time and tools that you need to heal, grow, rejuvenate and expand. You open yourself up to a more authentic relationship with yourself, one with more grace and flexibility. You put down some of the fear, some of that extra baggage, and move with more ease.

One of the most important elements of Self-Centered Wellness is to treat yourself and your body with compassion. The word Jihi is broken into "ji", which is to spread joy, and "hi", which means to "ease pain." Jihi is a word that represents the joy of healing and growth and authentic living. How beautiful that the word Jihi itself translates to "compassion."

Our goal is to bring you inward, inviting you to a place of quiet, wellness, healing and joy. We hope to help you find space and alignment so you can sink into the joy of your deepest, truest being - your self.  

We focus on the high vibe tools of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and self-care. We create products that support your body in finding alignment through plant-based concentrated formulas that stimulate all of your senses and help balance from the inside out, infused with the ancient superpowers of the hemp plant and CBD.

We believe that high-powered people more than anyone need rejuvenation, healing and rest. We believe in the power of staying strong and grounded through nature, fitness, and pleasure. On our quest for joy and a full life, we know that balance is at the heart.  

This is self-centered wellness. Welcome.

We can’t wait to be on this journey with you. 


Ready to Get Started?

Try this simple, beginner-friendly 10 minute meditation on Self-Centered Wellness to relax, reset, and begin the beautiful voyage within. 

Compassion in Action

We love giving back to the community by sharing the gift of Self-Centered Wellness with those who need it most. Learn more at spreadjoy.jihi.com