Reverie Evening Routine

A mindful, calming evening routine will help you drop the day in a more joyful way. Let go of the events of the day, signal to the body that it's time to wind down, and feel yourself truly relax



1. 2 hours before bed, take Jihi's Reverie Evening Supplement (if you're new to Reverie, read about what to expect and how to best use it here).

This supplement uses natural ingredients to support the body in winding down, in addition to providing a daily dosage of broad spectrum CBD.

2. Make a list of your to dos and intentions for the next day.

This gives you a chance to get everything off your mind while it's fresh, and feel safe releasing it because you know that everything will be picked up the next day as you left it.   

3. Put your phone on "Do Not Disturb"

It's important to have time to yourself or with your family that isn't subject to the ups and downs of work emails, friend dramas, or childcare logistics. Parting from electronics is a signal to yourself and your home that you're done checking out for the day and are ready to be fully present. 

4. Listen to our 10 minute "Drop the Day' Meditation 

Now that your body is relaxing, you're disconnected from the outside world, and your to do list is set, you're ready to energetically drop the day and reset for the evening.

This simple guided meditation is wonderful for all levels of meditators, including beginners, and will help you clear your space and set intentions for a restful sleep.

5. Enjoy your calm

Self-Centered Wellness is about taking the time to check in with ourselves and be present - mind, body and spirit. By giving yourself the gifts of planning (setting intentions), disconnecting (orienting within), and clearing your space (dropping the day energetically) you have pushed a giant "reset" button on your day. Now, take this place of calm and enjoy your evening. Drink some tea, read a book, give yourself a Merrimint hand massage or a Petal Milk face massage. Be present with yourself and enjoy the space you've created.

Looking for more relaxation tools?

Check out Jihi's Reverie Evening Supplement

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I love the Jihi Reverie Evening Herbal Supplement. It is seriously the best product I have ever used to fall asleep. Just a dropper under my tongue before bed and I fall asleep easily and stay asleep. It also tastes much better than other CBD products I've tried. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for my day, it's really a lifesaver! - Bella

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