Merrimint Hand Massage

Whether you’re waking up with swollen, achy joints, typing all day, or tired from handstands and hand weights, you’ll feel instantly calmer and more rejuvenated after a simple Merrimint hand massage. 

Deeply nourishing for dry hands and nails, this massage will strengthen and hydrate your skin while calming your body and mind. We recommend making this part of your daily ritual, perfect for after bathing, before meditating or going to sleep, or anytime you need a reset.




  1. Taking slow, deep breaths, rub about ⅛ tsp Merrimint onto hands 
  2. Use your thumb to rub the area under the thumb of the opposite hand, working outwards in circular motions toward the center of the palm
  3. Repeat on the other hand, continuing to breathe deeply
  4. Knead wrists, palms and the pads under each finger
  5. Gently tug each finger one by one
  6. Pinch the webbing between each finger, and don’t forget to breathe
  7. Rub any remaining Merrimint into nail beds for a hydrating, nourishing treat
  8. Take a final cleansing deep breath

Want to make it magical? ✨

We can bring mindfulness into our daily self-care routines to elevate our experiences and thrive. Intention and imagination are powerful! Use this 3-step process before applying Merrimint Body Balm to inspire the energies of radiance and rejuvenation.

  • Close your eyes; and with your imagination, see your hands and fingers
  • Intend that your hands and fingers begin to vibrate with the energies of relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Open your eyes, knowing you have activated the energy in your hands and fingers to soothe your body with relaxation and wellbeing as you apply Merrimint Body Balm.

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Merrimint body balm

Merrimint soothing body balm is pure joy in a little black jar. Packed with nourishing butters, oils and 500mg THC-free CBD isolate, Merrimint cools skin with a slight tingling sensation, relaxing the muscles and joints underneath. 

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