Savor the Summer with Merrimint and Mindfulness

With September looming just around the corner, it's easy to quickly fall into the hustle and bustle of daily life as we shed our bathing suits for business suits. But there's still plenty of summer sun and fun to be enjoyed. This August, we are inviting you to join us as we #SavortheSummer. Instead of quickly rushing into full-time work or school mode, we're taking note of the freedom and ease that summer lends us and allowing ourselves to bring that back into our daily rituals as we become more mindful and aware of our own bodies.

To do so, we're harnessing the powers of our ultra-restorative and anti-inflammatory Merrimint Body Balm. With its high-concentration of CBD and sophisticated blend of organic ingredients, this balm is the perfect compliment to many of our mindfulness and recovery practices. So kick back, lather up, and get ready to #SavortheSummer.

For inspiration on how to use Merrimint in your daily routines, we put together this quick guide for our followers.

Sweat on Skin

Cool (and Calm) Down

After months of summer sun, our skin may be feeling a little more neglected than usual. To help combat sunburns, bug bites, heat rashes, and more, we like to liberally apply Merrimint to all our summer casualties. With 19 oils and butters to help nourish, repair and soothe dry, and itchy skin, we recommend using this cooling balm anywhere on your skin that needs a little TLC.

Pro-Tip: store your Merrimint in the fridge for an added *chill factor*.

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Hand Massage

8 Step Hand Massage

With all the fun in the sun, we don't always have time for a five star spa treatment, but with the help of Merrimint's anti-inflammatory properties and our 8 step hand massage, you can experience that post-treatment bliss any time of the day.

To make it more magical, try sprinkling in a mindfulness moment before you begin. We like to follow this 3 step routine:

  1. Close your eyes; and with your imagination, see your hands and fingers.
  2. Intend that your hands and fingers begin to vibrate with the energies of relaxation and wellbeing.
  3. Open your eyes, knowing you have activated the energy in your hands and fingers to soothe your body with relaxation and wellbeing as you apply Merrimint Body Balm

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Sweat on Shoulders

Back It Up a Bit

There's nothing worse than waking up to a day full of end of summer plans, only to be hindered by an aching back. With so much to be done, it's hard to remember to slow down and give support to the part of our body that supports us.

While it seems like there isn't a quick fix for back pain, the experts have shown that CBD really does work to help ease the inflammation that causes back pain.

For more information on how you can quickly and peacefully recover from back pain, check out our deep dive on how CBD can help! Hint: massages are strongly encouraged!

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Merrimint Jar in Smear of Balm with Blue Background

Recover Like an Athlete

If there ever was a season that could turn your regular fun into a full athletic performance, its summer. Beach games, body-surfing, swimming, wakeboarding and more are all fun and games and can help sneak some exercise into your daily life. But what happens in the post? To help continue the fun, our bodies need proper care and recovery.

To prevent injuries and promote restoration, we like to use Merrimint both before and after any intentional movement and while we can't all be Simone Biles, we can certainly take care of our body the way she does.

Our favorite form of recovery? This post-shower shoulder massage!

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So whether you've spent the day soaking up the sun or playing in the surf, we encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the body you are in and give gratitude for all it has accomplished this summer. For more ways to mindfully care for your body, check out these 10 other creative ways to use Merrimint in your life. And don't forget to show us how you #SavortheSummer!