We hope you enjoy the debut Jihi Living collection. These curated products are sourced from women-powered indie brands across the world. Our limited edition ritual sets are one-of-a kind experiences that are often handmade, never available on Amazon, and designed to support every phase of your self-healing journey.

The first product we fell in love with are our wildflower sage sticks. We held them on a vision board as we began dreaming up the mystical collections that would bring to life the Jihi rituals and resources we’ve been publishing over the last 3 years. One by one, we discovered products that sparked joy for us, just like the wildflower sticks did. 

release expectations journal prompts inspiration In our exploration, we ordered products from women-powered indie brands from all over the world. We sipped powders from France and soaked in crystal bath salts from England. We meditated with stones from indigenous farms, and burned floral sage sticks from Los Angeles. 

Once we had selected our launch collection, it was time to bring it to life. We spent hundreds of hours in the studio taking thousands of pictures. We savored this time, listening to way too much Lana Del Rey and exploring all of the colors and textures of these beautiful - often handcrafted - products.

The world has felt really dark lately, and we were grateful for this opportunity to lose ourselves in the magical world of Jihi - a world that always reminds us that taking care of ourselves - like following our dreams - is never self-centered. 

We hope you connect with your magic, and see the light in the clouds, with these special products and collections. We hope it fills you with peace and self-care in turbulent times, and makes gift-giving easy this year. 

Supporting small businesses and women-powered businesses is an easy way to slay the patriarchy, one self-nourishing soak at a time. Thank you for being here, supporting us and helping to make all our dreams come true.

Explore the launch collection, take care of yourself and get back to taking over the world.

In celebration of the most powerful you,

Jen, founder