What are Bullet Journals?

Bullet journals (BuJo, for short) were developed by Ryder Caroll as an organizational system to help you plan, manage projects, track how time is being spent, or basically get anything else from your head and onto the paper. Bullet journaling is a highly creative and personal practice - there isn't a right or wrong way to do it and there are many techniques and ways to apply bullet journaling to your life. If you're looking to dive into the highly creative world of bullet journaling to organize, plan, and track areas of your life outside the scope of our Jihi Journals, this is a wonderful resource.

To get you started, we have utilized the bullet journaling framework to create these free downloadable Jihi Journal PDFs that you can use to track your behavior and results across the Jihi tracks of rest, rejuvenation, and recovery - the cornerstones of our approach to mind/body wellness and the practice of Self-Centered Wellness.

Our goal is to help you utilize this quick and engaging visual method of journaling to help you answer questions about your own wellness, assess whether or not supplements are serving you, and help you be more mindful about your self-care habits.

To begin answering these questions, all you have to do is download our bullet journal PDF templates - the sleep tracker PDF, and take a couple minutes each day to record your experiences and habits, and then literally "connect the dots" at the end of the month to see how your most vibrant (or lowest) of days correspond to your actions.

If you're trying something new (like Jihi's products) these bullet journals can also help you answer questions like "is CBD working for me?" or "what might be getting in the way of my success?"

Why Use Jihi Bullet Journals?

Bullet journals are a great way to quickly record your daily habits and watch how they impact your overall wellness goals over time. They help accomplish your goals in a few ways:

  • Mindfulness - it has long been documented that simply the act of documenting our goals and behaviors (whether it's a food journal, a gratitude list or a to-do list) can bring our attention to our behaviors and help us stick to a new goal or regimen. There is also an accountability factor in tracking our behaviors - when we know we will be writing it down, it often makes us more accountable to ourselves when we are trying to reach our wellness goals.
  • Simplicity - these bullet journal PDFs can be filled out in a minute or two each day, giving you a short moment to reflect and maintain accountability, without creating an unrealistic commitment or the overwhelming feeling of staring at a blank page.
  • Patterns - these journals provide a data-driven solution to get a birds-eye view of your wellbeing. Charting how your actions affect your wellbeing will allow you to quickly make broad correlations and gather deep new understandings of how to live more vibrantly.
  • Symptom tracking - for those who come to Jihi looking for relief from a particular condition (like sleeplessness, or a specific injury) the Jihi Journals are a valuable way to track your symptoms over time. This is important for noticing triggers to flare ups, as well as communicating with health care or wellness professionals.

30 Days to Success

The Jihi bullet journals are set up over a 30 day timeframe so that you give yourself plenty of time to see how a new practice or habit is impacting your wellbeing. If you are starting a new habit, 30 days is the magic number. If you are exploring a new supplement or support (like Jihi's line of CBD products) we recommend you give yourself at least 30 days of mindful usage before evaluating how the products are affecting you.

We provide both printable and fillable versions of the PDFs, so you can use them however best works for you. If you'd like to edit the fields with our prompts, you can do this by opening them in Adobe Acrobat.

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Our bullet journal examples are a great way to start tracking the symptoms of imbalances and noticing patterns in your overall wellness and vitality. If you're exploring Jihi products or other supplements to boost sleep or performance, adding these to your bullet tracker is a great way to help answer the question "does this new product work for me?", while being sure you're giving it the time and support to perform properly.