Moving Meditation

When your body is in motion, like during yoga, bike riding, or running, your energy is flowing and your analytical mind is able to take a break from your daily work and chores. This is a great opportunity to practice all of the ingredients of meditation - discipline, quiet, connecting to the body and emotions, and utilizing Jihi, compassion, and loving kindness with yourself (and your limitations).

Try this next time you're exercising and reach a point of “pushing,” continue your movement, and:

  • Take a couple deep, mindful belly breaths (4 seconds in, 4 seconds out)
  • On your next inhale, picture breathing in a big golden sun of ease
  • On your exhale, imagine you are releasing any push, pull or effort (any energies that don’t vibe with ease)

This simple meditation will connect you to your body and clear your mind, improving performance and leaving you refreshed - body, mind, and soul.

How do you recover?

Jihi's Merrimint body balm was designed with athletes in mind. THC-free, it utilizes natural ingredients like 500mg hemp-derived CBD + arnica and menthol to naturally soothe, cool and relax sore muscles. 

Merrimint body balm

Yes, aches and pains are normal and expected as we age. I've found ways to modify my own exercises so I can keep going and I share those with you regularly. Now, I'd like to share my other saving grace ~ Jihi's Merrimint Soothing Body Balm. I literally keep it on my kitchen island to grab anytime I need it (it's such a pretty bottle it's become a kitchen decoration). Jihi includes the perfect combination of 500 MG CBD, Arnica + Menthol and it gets me through those days when even the rest and stretching isn't enough. Soreness be GONE! - Jenn

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