Lunar Ritual

This limited edition signature lunar bundle includes a sold out, hand poured Moonlight Wild Poet candle, Jihi's Reverie evening tincture, Lunar Magic Potion bath salts and free opalite stones.

Connect with your inner hippy and connect with the moonlight to release what's no longer serving and manifest the future of your dreams. These limited lunar ritual sets will transform your winter evenings, warming your soul and keeping your snowy nights high vibe.

Limited Edition Crystals Manifestation

Wild Poet Moonlight Candle: The Moonlight candle is an enticing blend of smoky sweet tobacco, exotic saffron, and creamy vanilla. A rich and magnetic scent, these classy, eco-friendly, non-toxic, paraben and phthalate-free limited edition candles are stunningly sophisticated and endlessly inspiring.

Jihi's Reverie Evening Tincture: Jihi's famous sleep potion supports natural relaxation and deep, vivid sleep and dreams with a unique blend of sleep-supporting herbs. With a clear, sweet orange flavor, our evening tincture is non-habit forming and gentle enough for daily use.

Sacred Sunday Lunar Magic Potion Bath Salts: This gorgeous ritual bath salt contains real moonstone crystals and dried flowers for the perfect celestial soak. Handmade with therapeutic epsom salt, lavender, chamomile, myosotis, juniper berries, white sage, bergamot, clary sage, tangerine & cypress essential oils, this luxurious crystal bath salt transforms and completes any lunar ritual.

Opalite Stones: 3 gorgeous opalite stones are included free in this limited lunar ritual set. Crystal lovers use opalite to support stress relief, increase energy, foster open communication, and help to stimulate positive change and growth.

  1. Set Your Ambience with the Moonlight Candle: Start your calming evening ritual by lighting the Wild Poet Moonlight candle. This will set the atmosphere and create a sacred space for relaxation and reflection, mimicking the calming energy of the moon in your own personal space.
  2. Drop the Day with Reverie Evening Tincture: Jihi's Reverie evening tincture supports in natural relaxation, helping adjust your body into a state of calm and preparation for sleep. Gentle enough for everyday use, taking this delicious tincture an hour or two before sleep will get you in the right mindset to relax and recover - naturally.
  3. Prepare Your Lunar Bath: Fill your bathtub with warm water and sprinkle in the lunar bath salts, releasing their healing and cleansing properties. As you submerge yourself in the bath, allow your body and mind to soak up the gentle energies of the lunar infused salts.
  4. Connect With Opalite Stones: While you are in the bath, pick up your opalite stones. These stones are believed to balance energy, remove blockages, and help you confront buried emotions. Hold them in your hand, close your eyes, and allow their comforting vibrations to guide your mind towards relaxation.
  5. Close Your Ritual: After your bath, return to your candle-lit space and extinguish the moonlight candle, signaling the end of your ritual.

Remember, the most important thing about any self-care ritual is your mindset. Commit to this time for yourself and allow the magic of these simple steps to do its work. The calm and peace you seek is within you, and tools like these only help you unlock it.

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We hope our limited edition Jihi Living wellness collections reinvigorate your self-care practices and always remind you that self-care is never selfish.

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