Jihi™ is looking for driven, wellness-oriented individuals who are looking to grow personally and professionally.

As part of our mission to spread joy™, we believe that independence, resources and community support are a cornerstone of healthy, fulfilling lives.

We empower our Jihi tribe to reach their dreams through:

  • A personal discount to use on all Jihi products
  • A lifetime commission on any sales by anyone you refer to the Jihi website*
  • Access to exclusive Jihi content inspiring you to reach your highest potential, including behind-the-scenes insight into the business and virtual and in-person events

As we grow, we’ll look to our ambassadors for:

  • Product feedback - we’ll ask ambassadors for product feedback and to be “testers” as we develop products in the future
  • Models - we look to our ambassadors for paid and organic content, boosting the exposure of both the Jihi brand and members of our ambassador community
  • Hiring - we will recruit (for sales, marketing, modeling, event planning, etc.) through our brand ambassador community

How to Become an Ambassador:

  • Apply through the form below. We’re looking for individuals with active social media accounts who embody the Jihi lifestyle and philosophy!
  • If you’re accepted, we need to be sure you LOVE the products. You’ll immediately receive your personal discount code. If you haven’t purchased the products before, we will ask you to place your first order for personal use before receiving your commission-based affiliate link.
  • Once you have placed your order, you’ll receive your login to your affiliate dashboard with your custom referral links and sales tracker
  • You will receive the monthly ambassador newsletter with upcoming ambassador opportunities (paid and unpaid), exclusive photos and marketing to share with your community, and inspiring resources for unlocking your highest potential

Why Did We Develop the Jihi Ambassador Program?

With the limitations on CBD advertising, we decided to re-allocate our marketing resources and get serious about financially empowering our Jihi tribe - content partners who embody the Jihi philosophy and want to spread joy with their friends and family. 

There are no commitments to being an ambassador, if you are accepted into the program you can choose to just use your discount (think of it like a rewards card), but have the option of sharing with your community to earn serious commissions - no strings attached.

The only financial or time commitment on your end is the requirement that our ambassadors have purchased at least one of our products one time before receiving their affiliate code. This ensures that your endorsement of Jihi is authentic. We aren’t just looking for salespeople, we’re looking for brand loyalists who have discovered the joy of Jihi and can’t wait to share it with their friends and family!


Apply Today

Please fill out this form to be considered for the Jihi brand ambassador program. In your message, please include how you connect with the Jihi brand and what spreading joy means to you.