Jennifer Beck


Jennifer is an experienced, passionate entrepreneur with deep experience in the emerging legal cannabis and hemp market. Her technology company Cannabase, which she co-founded with her husband Chase in 2013, was the first and largest online wholesale marketplace connecting the legal cannabis market. Jennifer was CEO of Cannabase until she executed its sale in 2016 to Helix Technologies, where Cannabase was rolled into leading cannabis seed-to-sale tracker BioTrackTHC. An advocate for responsible legalization and safe banking for hemp and cannabis businesses, Jennifer served for 2 years as the Vice Chair of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, where she founded and led Denver's Women of Weed (WOW) council and represented the unique needs of ancillary cannabis businesses.

In 2019, Jennifer and Chase started Jihi with a mission to raise the bar for skin and body care in the newly legalized hemp market, investing heavily in R&D to design simple, powerful products that would help high performing people sleep better, recover faster, and rejuvenate from the inside out. A Psychology graduate and student of meditation, Jennifer is passionate about mind/body/soul wellness and fearless, authentic living. 

When she's not working, Jennifer loves to practice yoga and go on bike rides with Chase and their year old daughter, Emma. She has been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, Green Entrepreneur, Marijuana Business Daily, CannaInsider, Tiny Buddha and more.

About Us

Jihi is a family-owned and operated company that was founded with the vision to create beautiful, effective products to help you deeply relax, nourish and rejuvenate - mind, body and soul. Dedicated to "Spreading Joy" through our collection and resources, we spent nearly 2 years in product research and development before launching the debut line in January 2021.

Before Jihi, we were entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.

In 2013 we started Cannabase, the first (and at the time largest) private, electronic wholesale market connecting cultivators, edible manufacturers, and retail dispensaries. We gathered a lot of experience and data in the nascent market, understanding sourcing, extraction, lab testing, and regulations for a safe and legal market.

After selling Cannabase, we wanted to use our industry knowledge to create something more elegant, functional and mindful than what we saw flooding the CBD space. We partnered with a world-class R&D team to develop botanical-rich, beautiful and - most importantly - effective products that would combine leading clean, cruelty-free beauty and self-care with the power of the (recently-legalized) hemp plant.

The road less traveled

Although the hemp plant is ancient, (non-psychoactive) hemp-infused skin and body care products were only recently legalized through the 2018 Farm Bill. Since the hemp industry is still not regulated, we believed it was critical to develop and produce these products patiently and with adherence to the strict quality protocols we observed in the legal (highly regulated) cannabis market, investing in formulations that would maximize the efficacy, safety and quality of the consumer experience.

Our clean, vegan line is free of the parabens, paraffins, fillers and plastics that are in so many of the mass-produced CBD products. By utilizing highest grade manufacturing and extraction standards, product sourcing and CBD extraction, we proudly produce beautiful, spa-grade products that would shine with or without the CBD infused.

The results

By combining modern technology with timeless botanicals, we have activated and engaged the power of the hemp plant into powerful, synergistic formulations that support its efficacy while enhancing your self-care rituals. With expert-recommended active ingredients in simple, elegant packaging, each of our products are formulated to work while being gentle enough for all skin and body types. We hope Jihi is one of the best parts of your day, every day.

Spreading Joy

The word Jihi (pronounced gee - hee) is a Japanese word for compassion. 'Ji' is to offer joy to others, and 'hi' means to ease their pain. We were inspired by the vision of how anyone can live in this place of Jihi, practicing heart-centered, compassionate living with their body, their self, their community, and their world. The vision of Jihi is to provide products and resources that inspire you on your own Jihi journey, helping you fall deeper in love with your body, connect to your heart, and discover how living in alignment will help you spread joy and alleviate suffering in your own life and the world around you. We are grateful to be part of your journey in compassionate, conscious living. Welcome to Jihi.

We Believe That:

  • Self-care isn't selfish
  • We heal ourselves and our world through compassionate, mindful living
  • Wellness can be found in restoring alignment physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Great things take time - we prize patience and excellence in all that we do

How Do Jihi Products Support Your Journey?

  • Mindfulness - brings our focus inside and on the present moment by activating the senses, connecting us with our physical sensations and the physical body
  • Rejuvenation - non-toxic formulas restore vitality to muscles, joints, and skin, bringing the joy of youthfulness back into the physical body
  • Healing - our products are designed to calm the physical body and center the mind ‡
  • Rest - engaging with the products and our Jihi journals (spa time, self-massage) invite you to a space of ritual, quiet, relaxation, and restoration
  • Giving Back - we give back to the community through our Spread Joy initiatives, a grassroots effort that advocates passionately for mental health while bringing the gift of Self-Centered Wellness into our local communities


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