The word Jihi (pronounced jee - hee) is a Japanese word for compassion. 'Ji' is to offer joy to others, and 'hi' means to alleviate their pain. 

We were inspired by the vision of how anyone can live in this place of Jihi, practicing heart-centered, compassionate living with their body, their self, their community, and their world. 

The vision of Jihi is to provide products and resources that inspire you on your own Jihi journey, helping you fall deeper in love with your body, connect to your heart, and discover how living in alignment will help you spread joy and alleviate suffering in your own life and the world around you. 

We are grateful to be part of your journey in compassionate, conscious living. Welcome to Jihi.

We believe that...

  • Self-care isn’t selfish
  • We heal ourselves and our world through compassionate, mindful living
  • Wellness can be found in restoring alignment physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Great things take time - we prize patience and excellence in all that we do


How do Jihi products support your journey?

  • Mindfulness: brings our focus inside and on the present moment by activating the senses, connecting us with our physical sensations and the physical body
  • Rejuvenation: non-toxic formulas restore vitality to muscles, joints, and skin, bringing the joy of youthfulness back into the physical body
  • Healing: our products are designed to calm the physical body and center the mind
  • Rest: engaging with the products and our Jihi journals (spa time, self-massage) invite you to a space of ritual, quiet, relaxation, and restoration
  • Giving Back: we gratefully donate a portion of profits directly to vetted non-profits that work hard to ease suffering and spread joy worldwide