Sunflower Smudge Sticks

These premium quality, hand-harvested and hand-tied California white sage bundles, made with gorgeous, organic sunflowers, will light up your rituals and brighten your space. 

Grown without pesticides or growth hormones, these joyful sunflower sage sticks are sun dried for an amazing, all natural product.

Handmade Aromatic Organic

To experience the cleansing and aromatic benefits of sage sticks, ignite one end and let it smolder. Allow the smoke to fill the space - paying special attention to the corners and crevices of rooms. As the sage stick burns, envision negative energies dispersing and positive energies moving in to fill their place.

Eco-friendly & Organic: These beautiful sunflower sage sticks are sun grown and crafted with eco-friendly and organic materials.

Handmade with Love: Each sage stick is meticulously handcrafted with care and love. Like the sunflower itself, these wands are a product of patience, resilience and radiant beauty— a reminder of the enchanting process of growth.

Why Sunflowers: The sunflower symbolizes warmth, positivity, power and strength. Complementing the sage's purification properties, the sunflower energy adds a dash of joy, courage and admiration to your rituals, making it your perfect partner in your spiritual journey.

Sage, dried sunflowers (variety may vary)

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