Sunrise Ritual

This limited edition signature sunrise ritual bundle includes a sold out, hand poured Sunrise Wild Poet candle, Jihi's Petal Milk hyper-nourishing face serum, and a free wildflower sage stick.

Sweet and peaceful, this stunningly beautiful limited edition set makes an elegant holiday gift or a wonderful self-care winter treat. This nurturing routine is the perfect morning companion for early risers, providing a reset and steady foundation for the holiday season to come.

Limited Edition Crystals Manifestation

Wild Poet Sunrise Candle: The Sunrise candle contains heady florals, fruity yuzu and pear, finished with the grounding wood scent of hinoki. These classy, eco-friendly, non-toxic, paraben and phthalate-free limited edition candles are stunningly sophisticated and endlessly inspiring.

Jihi's Petal Milk Face Serum: Jihi's signature face serum is deeply hydrating, plumping and re-invigorating skin with concentrated, non-oxidizing Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and full spectrum hemp seed oil. Great for sensitive skin, this botanical-rich serum restores youthful, plump skin while soothing sensitivities.

Sacred Sunday Wildflower Sage Stick (included free - $15 value): This handmade wildflower sage stick is included free in this luxurious limited edition morning ritual set. Cleanse your energy and bring some magic and whimsy to your morning practice with this cleansing smudge stick.

  1. Ignite Your Intentions - The Candle: Begin with your Sunrise Candle. The candle's flame symbolizes the new morning and a new beginning. As you light the candle and watch the flame dance, close your eyes for a moment, breathe in the delicious scents and envision your day unfolding smoothly. Set your intentions for the day.
  2. The Smudging Ceremony - The Wildflower Smudge Stick: Once you've visualized your intentions, use a wildflower smudge stick. The smoke from the sage and wildflowers is believed to cleanse negative energy. Allow it to waft over you and visualize its healing properties clearing negative energies, or energies that are no longer serving you, as it permeates your space & purifies the air around you.
  3. An Act of Self-Love - The Face Serum: As a final step, wash your face and apply Jihi's nourishing Petal Milk face serum. The skin can reflect our body's inner health, including fatigue and stress. Nourish your skin with a loving touch, using gentle strokes. This isn't just skin care; it's an act of self-love. Connect with your reflection, and relish in this sign of care you are so deserving of, and know that you are replenishing your skin and saying yes to your healthiest glow.

This new morning ritual refreshes, rehydrates, inspires and restores - a beautiful confluence of intention, energy cleansing, and self-love. The day that emerges from this sunrise ritual will flow like a peaceful river. You'll carry the scent of wildflowers, the nourishment of your loving touch, and your intentions glowing like your candlelight. Now, every morning holds the promise of serenity and harmony.

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We hope our limited edition Jihi Living wellness collections reinvigorate your self-care practices and always remind you that self-care is never selfish.

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